The human body is without question the most wonderful, complex and least understood machines on the face of this planet. It has the ability to adjust itself to the environment (assuming it is not an extreme). When it is too hot the body will sweat, when too cold the body will shiver. The human mind and spirit provide the determination to fight against the widest variety of illnesses that still, to this day with all the advances in science and technology, cannot be cured by traditional medicine. The human body, in it’s evolution has necessitated the ability to repair itself and to fight against infinite diseases and infections, it is this that has allowed mankind to excel and evolve. The body is at its peak when all organs and glands are in harmony and the immune system is functioning correctly. From the manufacture to the supply of chemicals, enzymes, hormones and anti-bodies the human body dictates what is needed, when and where.


It is this that is the foundation of Yogic Neuro Therapy. Based on the ancient Indian holistic system dealing with organs, nerves and glands by applying pressure to various strategic points on the body, it is possible to stimulate production and restore parts of the body without the intervention of any medicine, omitting the likelihood of any side effects. The therapy itself makes use of the knowledge of the following:

1. Human Physiology

2. Yogic Asanas.

TREATABLE DISEASES:- Arthritis (joints pain), Spondylitis, Slip disk (Back pain), Gout, Asthma, Migraine, Sinus, Hay fever, Facial hairs, Periods problems, Auto Immune disorders, Allergies, Stomach and Liver problems, Colitis, Any chronic problems, Impotency.

 Dr Anil Sharma’s schedule :- Monday to Saturday – Greenford London only by appointment.

Watch our YouTube videos for more information and TV program on Sky channel 711 at 7 to 8 pm every Wednesday.

Fees charged on £100 per hour bases


£30 per treatment of (15 Minutes

£25 for over 60 of age (15 Minutes)

  £50 per treatment of 30 minutes

  Add £5 for High Oxygen with treatment


£80  within 5 miles  ( £20 for each 5 miles extra) 

£150 Central London. Chain patients 1st £100, 2nd onward £50   

                                                                           Add £10 for High Oxygen with treatment

Out of London & overseas £500 for Half day and £ 800 for full day plus travelling charges and overnight staying hotel expenses 

Night charges: 8pm to 10pm 50% extra of fees.

10pm to 8am 100% extra of fees.


£500 onward for treatment charts and DVD made for your conditions only.

£600 onward for self doing kit with 4 pressure cuffs made only for you.

Advice on Telephone and Skype £50 (up to 30 minutes) dr.anil.sharma

£100 per chart to teach points to do at home.


3 months, 12 classes of 4 hours, every Sunday 11am to 3pm, 5 case histories, then after clearing exam you will be issued certificate to obtain liability insurance to practice in UK and abroad. All study material will be provided.


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